What Computer Skills to List on Your Resume?

It does not matter what industry or company you work at or planning to be hired in, almost all positions in today’s world require some level of computer skills efficiency. Basic skills such as sending emails, preparing documents ,or using operating systems (Windows, Ubuntu Linux, IOS, etc.) are essential, but what else is considered a MUST to include in your resume? 

In this article, Radviser will cover some of the important notes to consider while listing your computer skills in your resume and help you understand how to elaborate on each skill to avoid confusion for employers while going through your resume. 

1. Be Relevant

If you are applying for a graphic designer position at a company, it really isn’t necessary to elaborate on your Search Engine Optimization skills. Of course, it is still considered a positive point about you and your abilities, but you need to remember that further unnecessary explanations about it will not do wonders. Remember to list the skills considered crucial for the role you are applying to. This way, you will avoid making your resume unnecessarily long and will keep the focus on what the employer is looking for and elaborating on those skills that are considered useful by them.

2. The More Specific, The Better

Do not overgeneralize the skills that you are listing in the resume. Be as specific as you can and name the software you are proficient at. Mention how adept you are by using a scale of a number from one to five. Simply writing “Programmer” in the resume without any further explanation would be highly inefficient. If people don’t explain what programming language they are adept in or the level of their proficiency  in that language, their resume will not get them anywhere. Therefore, it is important to be specific about both the skill and proficiency level  in the CV. 

3. Make It Look Believable

Imagine  that you are an employer and you come across a resume that lists twelve different skills without providing any example of those skills being put to use. If you are listing a computer skill in your resume, you better list any projects, employment history, or a reference as well because if not, chances are the employer would dismiss your CV in a heartbeat. You can also explain how you used this skill to complete a project or your previous work. Providing concrete evidence, like a portfolio of your work or a link to the website you worked on, will be a perfect way to prove that you are indeed adept at what you do and say.

By keeping the three above-mentioned keynotes in mind, the proficiency level of the resume will increase significantly. Now we will review some examples of computer skills considered important in most roles. Depending on the level of proficiency, you need to specify how good you are at employing those skills.


As mentioned earlier , some skills are considered beginner-level skills and required by almost all roles, and employers from their potential employees. These skills include but are not limited to:

  • Microsoft Word and the ability to write, edit and format documents
  • Using Google Calendar to organize tasks and duties
  • Creating spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Outlook


Intermediate-level computer skills require a higher understanding of computers and software. Employers require these skills with higher standards for more complex roles and positions. The intermediate level includes skills such as:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization
  • Adobe Illustrator


Computer skills such as coding with different programming languages such as Python, website troubleshooting and cybersecurity, website design and maintenance, front-end and back-end developing, or using OneDrive for organizing a company’s online documents are considered Advanced level computer skills. These skills are required for higher-standard jobs and are considered crucial only for these roles.

All in all, although having a full stack of computer skills is good, it is also vital to know how they should be put in your resume. The number of details, specifications, and examples of how these skills are employed will determine the amount of success your resume will bring you. Don’t overdo it by putting everything there is and isn’t in your arsenal of skills. All you need for your CV is precision and tailoring your skills, including the computer ones, to raise  your chances of employment.

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