What to Say When The Interviewer Asks, "Why Are You Interested in This Position?"

What motivates you to want a new role? Of course, there are many reasons, but which one will serve you best in an interview? Can you guarantee that your answer can be strong enough to set a reliable foundation for the rest of the interview if this question comes up? Let Radviser take you on an exciting trip. In this post, we will help you prove your worth simply. 

A candidate's sustainability and motivation lie at the heart of every interview, so this question sets an initial role-exploration vibe for their individual fit. This question does not demand a niche or particularly clever answer. Try to go with your big gun and state the real reasons you think that the job has your name. Let the interview move to more practical aspects of your candidature. 

To answer this question, put yourself in the interviewer's shoes. Steer their direction with your answer and consider your response carefully. Influencing them is easier than you might have heard.

Why Do Employers Ask About Your Motivations? 

The reason employers ask these questions can be one of the following:

  1. To highlight your level of engagement with the position
  2. To explore your assessment of the potential fit
  3. To center the interview around their requirements

A great answer to these questions must include the home-run reasons you are a fit, allowing them to move on and ask you more detailed questions stating how you are a fit. Then you can refer to this question, and your value must be exactly taken from your resume.

How to Explain "Why Do You Want This Job?"

Everyone has their own answer to this question. You can go with what feels authentic for you. State the highlights of your application and address the core requirements of the position. 

Here are a few tips to have in mind for a better answer:

1. Mention the Specific Thing You Like About This Job

Note that you should resist giving too many details of what you can contribute and share at least one specific reason why this role fits your experiences and development needs. Try to give an answer that fits the job requirements.

2. Express the Career Progression

Your career should be a journey of development and achievements. It is natural to look for a job that will be a step up from the previous one. So, it is necessary not to answer this question only based on your past achievements. Tell them how this role opens a new progressive chapter in your career. 

3. Connect Your Career Map to the Role Description

You should know that in an interview, there will be times that you can take them as a chance to link your past experiences and achievements with the role in an excellent way. Your answer should include why you want the role and why you deserve it. In other words, marry your experiences and potential to their needs.

4. Share A Company-centric Reason

This question may seem specifically about the role, but it would be of great importance to hint at why the company is where you can grow. Hinting at the same workplace motivations will automatically build rapport with them.

5. Add Passion to Your Tone

Answering this question perfectly needs more than words. The moment you face this question, sit a bit straight and answer with a glint in your eye and a helpful smile. Your tone of response must be unmistakably passionate

Common Mistakes to Avoid


  • Keep your answer positive by lighting on what you could gain. 
  • Talk about the company and picture yourself as an employee. 
  • Research the position, company, and interviewer to ensure everything is relevant.


  • Do not struggle to answer. Do not say I don't know. Make them feel that you care. 
  • Do not answer unprepared. Make sure your answer is role-specific. 
  • Do not make the answer all personal, and try to keep it career-related as well.

Final Words 

Keep in mind that every sentence in your answer to this question should potentially keep the interview interesting and lead it onto another strand. Try to make each reason count and include quantifiable context all the time. Use answers that make you a unique candidate but do not make it too niche. 

Always match the scope of the position with the value you will offer. This question is a blast. If you prepare a suitable answer, you will give the interviewer an avenue to explore and understand your worth. Why don't you keep up with our Library if you want to know and learn more about the interview process and its requirements? There are plenty of thorough guides to help you with your career journey.

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